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Wedding Lingerie

Where do you find your creative inspiration?

It depends from the collections. Sometimes it is a concept like for the Atelier Collection that explores the relation between what is hidden and what is revealed. Or it starts from a discovery like what we call “the impossible lace”, a vintage lace found by our designers in a flea market that has been reproduced only for La Perla by a “maitre dentellier” in Calais.

What makes your brand unique and stand out compared to others in the wedding industry?

La Perla is a glamorous alchemy of Italian tradition, deep know-how of the feminine body and sophisticated “esprit d’atelier”.  This is the secret of our uniqueness.

What trends do you predict for 2016? 

New paths of expression for lace, embroidery and macramé.

The bodysuit will be the garment of the season because its versatility breaks boundaries between categories of garments, dressing the body to create something new every time.

If you could give your bride any piece of advice what would it be?

First of all and advice with the words of Stendhal, “Beauty is nothing other than the promise of happiness”. A bride will be naturally beautiful if she will be in harmony with herself. A fundamental rule is that the lingerie worn on that special day never dominates the dress, so it’s better to choose smooth and very light fabrics.

We also suggest to “re-discover” the trousseau as a reality to be brought into line with today’s times:  a set of precious pieces that accompanies the bride into a new stage of her life.

Why do you think the Quintessentially Weddings Atelier is so special?

Because it is a total, exciting experience of the luxury wedding universe.

What can the lovely bride and grooms attending the Atelier expect from you this year?

We have worked on new interpretations of La Perla great icons:

–           The rebrodé technique creates a cordonnet embroidery on Leavers lace bringing out certain elements of its design. Stitch after stitch, the floral design of this Chantilly lace blossoms on the skin, coming alive like a relief painting. This delicate and sensual tactile experience makes pieces like the triangle bra and bustier truly unique.

–           Macramé reveals its two different sides: romantic, recalling bobbin-lace designs, and geometric, opting for the contemporary appeal of large and small circles.

–           A “scratch” design features on the embroidery used on certain tulle items, creating an unprecedented animalier effect.

– Exclusive pieces belonging to our Atelier Collection will be presented in white colour and can be interpreted as part of a new wedding look: the silk satin La Perla jumpsuit embellished with hand-finished frastaglio embroidery, the bodysuit or the bustier of the Neoprene Desire collection.

– A precious accessory that can become the special touch to the bridal look: the silk satin suspender strap that can be worn as a bracelet with a row of precious gems and 18K gold elements.

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