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It is a truth universally acknowledged that planning a wedding is (mostly) a stressful business.

For those of you like myself with mathematical skills that would make a ten year old blush with shame, or who – despite best efforts to rein in that perfectionist streak – somehow still end up labouring away into the small hours every time, working away on projects telling ourselves ‘just one more tweak…’ when we’re way over deadline might think planning your own nuptials is a really good idea. Initially. Yet I can almost guarantee that you will almost as quickly discover that sometimes there is such a thing as too close for comfort. That sinking feeling you get when you realise that things are spiralling and there’s still so much to achieve, so many envelopes to stuff and finishing touches to purchase? I do not mean to sound harsh or hectoring, but there is going to be a niggling feeling that you’ve made your own bed, as the adage goes…

Which is where wedding planners come in. No-one necessarily needs a professional wedding co-ordinator – let’s not get deluded into thinking they are up there with doctors and teachers. But if your wedding falls into one of the following tricky categories, they can build a strong, sage, experienced bridge between your wedding dreams and the reality whilst you remain cool, calm, collected – and left to focus on the fun parts.


Big is beautiful when it comes to guest numbers and large scale super-weddings. But make no mistake, looking after hundreds of guests’ experience from their invitations to dietary requirements, sourcing furnishings, décor, staging and suppliers to ensure a large scale affair can be exhausting and unrelenting. Give yourself and loved ones a break, and call in a pro – Jessica on our team is a hero planner when it comes to these herculean feats


Not so much modest budgets, as you will likely need to pour every penny into the day itself and might simply consider a day-of co-ordinator to ensure things run smoothly, but if you have a budget you need to rigidly stick to, or to spend wisely. Somewhat ironically, it is often an instance of ‘speculate to accumulate’ in that by contracting an expert they can negotiate better deals with vendors by virtue of their relationships and can see clearly where your areas of splurge vs. scrimp are. It is all about the edit, something in which any wedding planner worth their salt is well versed and which it is alas all too easy to lose sight of as the bride and groom.


If planning a wedding locally is hard work, planning one when removed by many hundreds of miles is triplefold. Not only are there often language and time barriers, business culture differences, legal and bureaucratic systems to jump through the hoops of when getting wed abroad, but standards and taste vary wildly when it comes to style, too. Hence the help of a planner either in that territory or with seasoned knowledge of the pitfalls is often a must for a wedding on foreign shores. We have teams in London, Cannes, Dubai, Geneva, India, Hong Kong and Singapore with each having planned and produced weddings from Italy to Miami, Shanghai to Russia.


Just a matter of weeks before the big day? With a few short months to play with, a planner can be a godsend in pulling the strings necessary to make your wedding come off without a hitch or an element overlooked. Many of the best vendors and wedding talent are booked up months in advance, yet armed with a trusty little white book of names and numbers; they are able to draft in the right people and supplies to obtain an immaculate finished result.


From bold and beautiful unique wedding design to ceremonies that blend cultural traditions, irreverent wedding breakfasts to startling, unusual entertainment; trying to personalise your wedding can strike fear into the less creative among brides and grooms. When teamed with a youthful, hip and knowledgeable Events sister team, our creative design and styling line-up (whose heritage spans fine art degrees, fashion show production, branding and floristry) can turn your wedding effortlessly into the wonderfully unique and dazzling celebration you hope for.

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