Wedding Trends 2015 – Let Them Eat Cake

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There’s nothing wrong with a traditional three-tiered fruitcake with delicate white icing and pale pink ribbons but this year, creative wedding cake bakers are personalising your cake to make it totally you. Exotic flavours and exquisite savours, from salted caramel to chocolate orange or lavender honey are the hot new confection for 2015. If an indulgently adventurous cake is too unconventional, spice up the filling or frosting instead. The Quintessentially British Victoria sponge is having a re-vamp and in a contemporary and extravagant twist, rose petal and champagne jam is the new strawberry. Champagne and cake, champagne in cake – oh wow.

Wedding Cake Styles & Designs

Whilst 2014 was explored by gold-leaf and non-iced wedding cakes, a new year brings new colours, designs and patterns. Out with the g-old and in with the coppers, bronzes and metallic. Combine with grassy mosses, adorn with sugar craft keys or laser cut flower designs, cakes are being used as artistic centrepieces so don’t hold back. Whether you want a ‘coupley’ photograph projected onto your cake or decorations to reflect your personality, passions and loves there is no task too terrifying for these wondrous wedding cake magicians.

Metallic wedding cakes

Wedding Cake Slices pretty wedding cakes

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