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The perfect proposal will inevitably be different for every couple. Whether you prefer intimacy or public displays, simplicity or dramatics, your proposal should be tailored to you and your partner. One thing that gets the Quintessentially Weddings team excited about this time of year (apart from the excuse to keep the champagne on tap) is the opportunity to help plan those special moments. If you are looking to finish February with a brand-new Fiancée, here are a few tips from our experts at Quintessentially on how to make that question pop perfectly.

 1. The Countdown

Often the excitement of a proposal can make the moment pass in a quick blur of tears, laughter and ‘oh my goodness!’s. As soon as the knee is bent, all of those emotions start bubbling and gushing which can make the minutes fly by. So how about making the most of the lead up to the final act. More often than not, countdowns symbolize the lead up to a big event, a life changing moment, whether this be a new year or a spaceship launch. Your countdown will lead to a new chapter and a new life with your special ‘one’. Use the day to conjure up memories from the years that you have already spent with your partner by giving them a gift on-the-hour-every-hour leading up to the final moment. This could be a framed photo, a CD of ‘your song’, a ticket to the country where you first holidayed as a couple… Use these gifts to build up to your proposal, and finish it off with four simple words.

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 2. Simplicity is Key

Whilst the rest of the world is heading out to the theatre or lavish Valentines galas, take advantage of the alone time. Take yourselves away and go back to basics. Head to the restaurant that you had your first date in, order the dishes that take you back to where it all began. Enjoy re-living your time together in a place that means the world to you. Sometimes there is no need for big fireworks, no need for piles of rose petals strewn across the floor; sometimes it should just be about you, your partner and the question that you are about to ask. Of course, you can always amplify your experience by adding in a subtle score of live music, or hiring the private room in the restaurant. These extra details will only serve to make the moment even more intimate.

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3. A Few of Their Favourite Things

Making the moment personal is the most important factor of a proposal. Quintessentially have seen swimming pools filled with orchids, aviaries brought to life with a hundred singing birds and scuba divers with whiteboards hundreds of feet deep in the ocean. Whatever it is that makes your partner special, amplify it and engulf them in it. This can be the smallest of touches to the biggest of productions. Choose whatever works for you and make your ideal proposal a reality. The Quintessentially Team are on hand to help you work out the logistics behind these ideas and they take pride in executing them to perfection, whilst always remaining far behind the scenes to ensure that this is your moment.

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 The Quintessentially team make the impossible possible every day. Whatever your ideas may be, if you would like Quintessentially help you to achieve your dream proposal please contact Jessica Seal at


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