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Call it greige, smoke, quartz, dove, silver, or by its plainest noun – grey – there is much to be said for an off-white colour scheme for weddings. Not as slavishly purist nor ‘safe’ as white, variegated shades of grey are a byword for elegance of a less obvious and more offbeat kind.  Having become something of a hero pantone meme across the design world, it was only natural that it would be pioneered by weddings; and thus that I would make a beeline for greys as a lover of their visual associations with all things Left Bank Paris.

I like to think of it as a little like looking up at the clouds; at first, all you see is titanium puffs. But the longer you linger, the more nuances reveal themselves in tones of lilac, powder blue, blush and palest gold. Offset with hints of gold or whispers of bright colour (pinks look especially gorgeous) it creates a softly luxurious, sophisticated ambience and is a trend I can see running and running. Here’s an inspiration board to get you started, whatever you decide to call it…!

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