SILK WEDDING VEILS: Designer Ann Guise Talks Custom Made Veils & Trends

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When you envisage your wedding day do you see yourself gliding down the aisle with an abundance of silk elegantly cascading down your back and shoulders? are you seeing an elongated veil following behind you or something a little shorter?

Just when we thought wedding veils were a little dated we are seeing more and more brides opt for the traditional bridal look, Quintessentially Weddings are pleased to have Ann Guise, a renowned silk veil designer sharing advice when it comes to choosing your veil and styles that are trending at the moment.

We would love to know your story Ann, how did you go from working at the BBC to an award winning wedding veil designer?

TV design is not a very family friendly place to work. The hours can be very long and often working away from home, i decided to change direction when my two daughters were small. When I got married only a few places sold silk wedding veils, so I made my own. Being a trained fashion designer, friends would often ask me to make their bridal gown and I always suggested a silk wedding veil. Also, a standard size shop bought veil doesn’t suit everyone.

When I finished at the BBC I started a business designing and making silk wedding dresses and was often asked to make the veil. I felt there was a gap in the market which I could fill. I decided to specialise in making silk wedding veils so that all brides can have the choice and opportunity of wearing one. I think I’m the only designer specialising solely in designing and making bespoke silk wedding veils.

Try not to have pre-conceived ideas about the look you want. Try on different styles and lengths of veil to find the one that best suits you and your dress. By a process of elimination you will find the perfect veil to complete your outfit.

Don’t wear something because you think you should, wear what YOU want. You only wear a wedding veil once so make the most of it and enjoy it.

Trending wedding veil styles are?

Lace edged veils, long and short similar to that worn by Kate Middleton, are still very popular with many brides and I do not envisage that changing in the near future. Brides are also choosing to personalise their veil with embroidery or beadwork. They are considering the wedding dress and veil as a matching outfit rather than 2 separate entities.

The classic, plain, veil will continue to be the most popular veil because it’s simple, elegant and works with all styles of dress.

What kind of detailing can be added to a silk veil?

Numerous details can be added to a veil only limited by imagination. I can add lace, silk ribbon, Swarovski diamanté crystals, pearls, bespoke embroidery – just about anything the bride wants. One bride had a design around the edge which echoed the design of her engagement ring while another asked me to replicate her grandmother’s vintage 1940’s veil. The original veil had been damaged. 

Detail from the dress can be linked to the veil such as a lace pattern or embroidery and maybe incorporated into the veil by way of appliqué or a narrow co-coordinating embroidered edge. This really makes the veil unique. A satin ribbon edge looks wonderful with a structured satin dress.

I only use 100% silk tulle for my veils but wedding veils can be made from organza or chiffon made from polyester or silk. The most popular fabric for making wedding veils is tulle. This can be made from silk, cotton or polyester. I use 100% silk tulle which is woven using traditional methods dating back to the early 1800’s.

How much input does a bride have on the design of her wedding veil?

I like each bride to have as much input to the design of her wedding veil as possible. She will often have a very definite idea but are unable to find it in the shops. Usually the brides will email a picture of their dress to me so that I can look at the style and detail and make suggestions. I feel very privileged because I’m one of the few people to see the dress before the wedding. Decoration on the dress and length of train need to be considered when deciding on a design.

The bride is always shown a sample of embroidery/beadwork before the actual fabric is stitched and I send swatches of fabric and lace to all brides when they make their initial enquiry. We work together so the veil does not  distract from the total look of the outfit but compliments it and the bride is completely confident in her choice.

Each bride is an individual and should have the veil she wants. She should never feel pressurised into wearing something because it is the ‘usual’ or ‘right’ way. I make suggestions and work with the bride on her ideas. The eye should centre on the bride with the veil creating an aura around her. I’m always happy to give advice whether a bride orders from me or not.

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You can find out more about Anne Guise on the Silk Veil Website Here.

 Thank you Ann x



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