Quintessentially’s Ultimate Pre-Wedding Wellbeing Guide

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It’s January. It’s National New-Year-New-You month. It may also be the first month in the year of your wedding. If the latter is true, you will undoubtedly feel a mounting pressure to snap into the healthiest, most glowing version of yourself A.S.A.P. Juice cleanses, grueling boot camps and no-carb-no-fun meals swamp your vision in the lead up to your special day… but why endure the stress of restriction when you can enjoy the simplicity of relaxation and achieve the same results? Here at Quintessentially, the Weddings Team collaborate with the Wellness Team to bring their brides a much gentler, pain free way to refresh pre-wedding. In this article you will find an exclusive insight into Quintessentially’s top ways to achieve wellbeing before you take that first step down the aisle.

Mind: Take a Me-Moon

Separate from the Hen-Do and the Honey-Moon, Quintessentially often encourage their brides to take a Me-Moon before the big day. This consists of a long weekend all to yourself. These trips are the most perfect way to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body, whether you decide to make it about relaxation and sleep, beauty treatments and pampering or detoxing and cleansing. Quintessentially Wellness’ favoured retreats cover each of these categories and are a certified way of taking another step to achieving your pre-wedding wellbeing goals.

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Body: Get a Vitamin Drip

A new trend, and one that Quintessentially’s brides love is the detoxifying Vitamin IV Drip. Don’t be fooled by the name which may sound awfully clinical and put a grotesque image of hospital beds into your mind. Quite the opposite to this depiction, as you receive the drip, you will be pampered with holistic music, dimmed lighting and an atmosphere of serenity. The IV itself contains typical vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, B5 and B6, but more importantly, it contains precursors (amino acids) to glutathione, as well as glutathione itself. The precursors, together with glutathione, pack a powerful punch that truly assists in detoxifying the body. Benefits of the drip include:

Restoring Hydration Levels

Supplying a High Dose of Antioxidants

Improving Skin, Hair & Nails

Anti-Aging Benefits

Cleansing Vital Organs

Restoring Your Body’s Natural Balance

All of which make the Vitamin Drip the perfect way to revitalise before you say I Do.

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Soul(ful Hair): Give those Ends a Deep Cleanse

“Hair doesn’t make the woman, but good hair definitely helps.”

Having taken care of your Mind and your Body, it is time to add some Soul back into your hair. Treat your locks to a lustrous Keratin treatment and bathe it in a plethora of nutrients. Quintessentially believe that Olaplex hair treatments are the most popular with their brides because it ‘reconnects broken disulfide-sulfur bonds in the hair’, leaving the hair feeling completely retouched and beautiful. This treatment comes highly recommended by our Wellness Experts – A woman can conquer anything on a good hair day.

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Admittedly, pampering yourself is easier said than done in a lot of cases. In between rushing to and from the office, cooking, cleaning, seating-plan stressing, bouquet sorting and perfect dress picking – you can often forget to book in your breathing time. The Quintessentially Weddings Team strive to take the stress away from planning, not an ounce of worry ever comes close to our brides as every detail pre, during and post wedding, is covered by professionals. The team are not just experts in putting together your special day, but also at picking and organising the perfect pre-wedding wellbeing packages. In the hands of our team, you can be sure that pampering will take place, and pampering of the highest standards.

If you would like to find out more about Quintessentially Wellness’ top treatments or have Quintessentially Weddings put your Wedding Wellbeing plan together for you, contact Serena Dodd at serena.dodd@quintessentially.com.

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