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‪Light My Way

‪From the good old-fashioned candle (scented options can work extremely well to set the mood too) to the high-energy pulse of a strobe, lighting is as vital to the overall feel of a wedding as the décor. Couples currently tend to plump for a blend of modern and vintage; expertly achieved by strategically-placed clusters of multi-wick candles and discreet but show-stopping dance floor lighting.

Wedding Staircase Wedding Lighting

‪Graced With Personality

To illustrate the unique nature of any couple’s union, it’s most important to grasp how they got to tie the knot. Touches of creativity and detail in the décor can be very endearing, such as personalised frames, photos, slides, music and hand-written notes to highlight the most heartfelt and meaningful moments in a couple’s life, such as where they met, where they shared their first kiss and what makes them love each other.

wedding details wedding games

‪The Nature of Love

‪Floral arrangements are synonymous with weddings, perhaps because they represent the precious and delicate nature of life and of love. There is a current trend for floral displays to be arranged in clusters of varying shades and tones of the same colour. The effect is instant: seamless, coherent and elegant flashes of colour, which are easy on the eye and which complete the mood without overpowering the venue.

wedding flower bouquets wedding bouquets

‪It’s The Little Things…

‪A bespoke monogram motif can truly be the ‘pièce de resistance’ for any wedding, no matter how big or small. From personalised wedding favours and embroidered napkins, to customised pieces and tailored furnishings, the fact that a couple has gone to the trouble to create unique memories will not be lost on guests. 

wedding monogram wedding monograms

The Food of Love

The days of playing it safe to please the masses with plain buffet food and heated trays are long gone. Nowadays, the culinary experience is a major feature of any wedding. Imaginative presentation, intelligent flavour combinations and dashes of invention can allow for personality to shine through without alienating guests.

wedding catering wedding food

Dressed For The Occasion

‪There should be no hard-and-fast rules for any bride. Her objective should be to feel comfortable and utterly beautiful on this, the most special day of her life. Though the classic vision of the white dress is still as popular as ever, there is a growing trend for brides to wear more than one dress throughout the course of the wedding day. This means a bride can adapt to every part of her experience and feel equally confident walking down the aisle, mingling with guests over cocktails, cutting the cake or dancing the night away.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

‪From the rural idyll of a rustic farmhouse to the quaint charm of a country house, from the opulent grandeur of a glamorous mansion to the clean lines of an elegant beach house, the wedding venue will set the mood for all that follows. The key is not to agonise: if it doesn’t make your heart leap, it’s not for you. Remember that your wedding venue frames the story of your love, and no one else’s. Trends come and go but your memories will not.

wedding venue wedding venues

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