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Bridesmaids, and their attire in particular, (for some reason that confounds me), are sometimes dismissed as a touch inconsequential, a bit ‘meh’. They even reached the low of being the subject of endless witty, but candid, vitriol in Bridesmaids – those shocking cerise foil numbers more at home in a tin of Quality Street and excessive frills a case in point.

Thank goodness then for Nicki Macfarlane, who has dressed a bridesmaid (or thousands) in her time. We love her not just for the satin sashes that little girls have dreamt of for decades. Nor just the beautiful fine fabrics and cuts that strike just the right balance between sweetly timeless and fun, in their sorbet pastel shades and polka dot tulle clouds. But for rethinking what it means to be a modern bridesmaid, both as a little one and a grown woman with a fully-fledged style identity. A bridesmaid’s dress, aside from allowing the bride to shine all the brighter by cleverly contrasting or complementing, has an important part to play in imparting a sense of occasion and a dose of romance to proceedings. Nicki won international acclaim and was brought to the attention of brides-to-be everywhere with the classic, creamy perfection of the four little flower girls’ dresses at the royal wedding of HRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for none other than this reason.

Ladylike, but never frumpy, Nicki’s adult collection spans every style from knee-length full-skirted dresses to silk columns straight from the Grace Kelly stylebook and includes a bespoke service, whilst girls and pageboys can choose from a range of ready-to-wear outfits or custom designs. And we’re sure there will be plenty of pretty examples of them all at the Weddings Atelier!

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