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With engagement announcements increasingly being announced or chronicled on social media, the need to go a step further in planning to get down on one knee challenges our grooms’ imagination more and more.  An original and personal plan is always going to be a wonderful tale to tell, but can sometimes put a little too much strain on what is meant to be an intimate and memorable moment. 

Here are some words of wisdom from members of our wedding planning team: 

Show your other half just how much you listen to them by leading them on a personalised treasure hunt around their favourite area. Take them from their favourite ice cream shop to their number one wine stop leading them from place to place with romantic clues, tailor-made riddles and sweet rhymes. At each destination present them with a surprise, whether this be their favourite chocolate, a single rose, an engraved piece of jewellery, or that question that you’ve been waiting to pop. You can even get third parties involved with this by asking waiters to bring the next clue with the bill or having a poem served with their drink. Each destination will show your other half that you know which places mean the most to them, making your evening personal, unforgettable and completely unique.  At the end of the day, you know your other half better than anyone and a tailor-made treasure hunt is the perfect way to warm their heart this Valentine’s Day.

One tip from us would be to make sure that your partner is well dressed for the occasion. It may not be the best idea to send them on a hike up the Breacon Beacons whilst wearing her smartest pair of patent heels. This could be a dangerous concoction and end in a row, rather than a “wow”.

A groom will (hopefully!) know whether their girlfriend or boyfriend would prefer a private and intimate proposal or an adventurous & ambitious show of love.  That said, we have heard a few stories of proposals gone awry which, thankfully, our couples are now able to look back on and laugh.  One such occasion saw a desperately nervous groom trying to coax his girlfriend to their favourite Swiss mountain restaurant when a snow storm hit.  Not to be dissuaded he pushed on in high winds & zero visibility with an increasingly grumpy girlfriend stomping along behind him.  By the time they arrived and his plan had become apparent she was equally absolutely seething and feeling incredibly guilty when he got down on one knee even after she had been so vile.  They are now very happily married but whenever we are asked advise on proposals this story always springs to mind – if mother nature doesn’t play ball you might just need to tweak the plan! 

If treasure hunts and personalised adventure aren’t your thing, don’t feel pressured to plan something extravagant.  In our mind a good old fashioned proposal at home will always be a classic. Funnily enough, given the bar Hollywood films have set, this is often most unexpected and wonderfully surprising place of all to ask them to spend the rest of their lives with you.


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