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Think of the term ‘stationery’ and doubtless school books, lined paper and starchy cards come to mind. Place the ‘wedding’ prefix in front of it though, and suddenly it’s a whole different, often exquisite ballgame. For every wedding, every aesthetic sensibility and idiosyncratic whim there is an illustrative, purist, minimal, artful or glamorous option to suit – and we like to think that we count three such talented artisanal studios among our friends and fellow Weddings Atelier specialists.

When it comes to your invitation suite, you do not need me to hector that it as the first nuance or sign your guests will have of what’s to come (or not, if you decide to play coy). The seriousness or elegance of your invitation, information and details sheets, maps, gift registry and RSVP cards is a tacit symbol of whether it is a formal affair or more relaxed festivities, and creating it hand in hand with these talents will help fix in your mind’s eye your wedding’s feel and look as a common thread that will trace the entire day and beyond. For it doesn’t simply have bearing on the lead up to the day, but via your order of service, menu, placement cards to the denouement in Thank You note lets, it will tell a stylistic story. Which is why Cutture, Paul Antonio and Prantl are such firm favourites: they are all experts at making sure your stationery is treasured by both yourselves and your guests long after the wedding is over. If you are looking for luxe invites that will make them gaze in jaw-dropped wonder, that breaks with convention or equally resonates with lovers of heritage, of pomp and pageantry look no further.


Master calligrapher to everybody who’s anybody – Chanel, Burberry, HRH the Queen, Kate Moss, I could go on – Paul’s is a rare talent and he is utterly charming (not to mention tall and elegant) with it. Chameleon like in his abilities to shift between both contemporary and richly archaic scribe styles, he is a font of knowledge as bewitching as his ridiculously beautiful work and a must-see for lovers of the extraordinary.


Renowned for their intricate paper cut masterpieces, the Cutture team are so much more than simply wedding stationers. Delicate and beautiful but never saccharine or cutesy, they are also adept at creating personal, multi sensory suites with illustrated motifs and have even begun exploring the realms of scented stationery to really break boundaries.


Often called the ‘Gentlemen Stationers’, good old-fashioned luxury is what Prantl are all about. Serene, immaculate, upscale but never dull, Anthony, Michael and Clemence’s stationery can be whimsical too and is often redolent of Celine’s finest – classic, chic and irresistibly perfect.

If you haven’t registered for your complimentary passes to the Atelier yet, it’s not too late – simply email and follow all of the fun on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using hashtag #QWAtelier 

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