Jenny Packham – 2018 Catwalk Collection

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Jenny Packman is renowned for designing both stunning and unique bridal gowns. Quintessentially brides are always looking for the latest trends and exquisite designs, of which Jenny Packman never disappoints.

Our weddings team have fallen in love with the Jenny Packham 2018 collection, incorporating ostrich feathers and floral lace into their romantic and dramatic creations.

Brides would dazzle under the spot light in these beautiful gowns, helping them feel like true stars on their special day. Not only does Jenny Packman design these breath-taking dresses but they provide a bespoke service to each of their brides ensuring each lady feels truly looked after, making the experience a memorable moment for them to always remember.

02.JPB693 Cosmic

03.JPB697 Siren

04.JPB726 Harmony

05.JPB714 Cherish

06.JPB716 Delicia_JPB689 Bloom

07.JPB718 Unity_JPB700 Serene

08.JPB676 Treasure

09.JPB969 Serenity

10.JPB677 Beaux

11.JPB709 Desire

12.JPB713 Bliss copy

13.JPB722 Amour_JPB712 Peace

14.JPB688 Precious

15.JPB687 Hope

16.JPB683 Freedom

17.JPB731 Awe

18.JPB684 Dare

19.JPB699 Rapture

20.JPB680 Euphoria

21.JPB695 Allure

22.JPB719 Verity_JPB689 Bloom

23.JPB708 Affinity

24.JPB681 Crush

25.JPB690 Destiny

26.JPB679 Charm

27.JPB694 Essence

28.JPB691 Honour

29.JPB730 Happy

30.JPB702 Joy_JPB724 Angel

31.JPB692 Darling

32.JPB723 Magic_JPB720 Clemence

33.JPB725 Adorn

34.JPB707 Bella_JPB712 Peace

35.JPB698 Liberty

01.JPB705 Clara

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