Gone with the Wind

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If, like me, you reside in the UK, you will have watched with an intermingling of trepidation and that slightly naughty sense of excitement as the weekend’s storm broke. Fork lightning, howling gales straight from Wuthering Heights and an electric atmosphere – small wonder that for many, stormy weather has something bewitching about it. And that weather is such an inextricable part of that lovely green English thing we’ve got going. Without the (torrential) rain, there would be no verdant woodlands and fields; with the peculiar combination of dappled sunlight and early morning dew, we get amber leaves to rival anything a Connecticut Fall has got to flaunt.

But. Albeit spectacular, no bride and groom want to find themselves battling the elements on their wedding day. Weather is one of those unpredictable, capricious things that no matter how much improved forecasting may be, can still prove the undoing of well-laid plans. Those shots against a radiant coral sky as the sun sets you’d planned, or visions of crisp pearly skied winter weddings can be undone with a little gust here, an unexpected flurry of snow there. But as the old platitude goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’ – and fortunately, a host of brands and creative types have come up with elegant, comfortable solutions that are not only practical, but covetable too. So, without further ado, these are my tips for facing the worst mother nature can throw at your big day in style.


The perfect blend of drama, period drama romance and cosy, opt for a cape to stave off a wintry chill. Our favourite has to be the decadent ochre satin number from Jesus Piero at Miss Bush Bridal,  although Valentino’s hooded vanilla wool and silk blend version at Net-a-Porter would look perfect adorned with one or two trophy brooches too.


Good enough for Alexa Chung, who cited “a weird blanket obsession” as being the reason behind said toasty woollens making her must-have list for autumn, good enough for us. I’m in love with Scarlet & Argent’s version: founded by Hainsworth, the selfsame supplier of textiles to the queen, the mill that produces these exquisite yet very British (in the Mulberry mould) woven pieces has been in the same family for over seven generations. Place small stacks on occasional chairs with a tent card atop inviting guests to use them. Don’t be surprised if a few go walkies, either. Scarletandargent.co.uk


Go to Hunter for the wittiest, most stylish take on wet-weather wear. This moonshine gold pair are perfect, and on sale too on Theoutnet.com


When the chill sets in, armour your guests with warm spiced cocktails, punch and infused takes on hot chocolate. Cellar Society do a mean line in all things warming. Cellarsociety.com

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