ATELIER BRANDS OF THE DAY: Beautisserie, Sophie McMullan

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Sophie McMullan from Beautisserie is a professional Make-up artist with the skills to ensure her brides look and feel fabulous on their wedding day.

We asked Sophie a few questions to give you an insight into the latest beauty trends and the exciting things Sophie has to offer at the Atelier.

Where do you find your creative inspiration?

Being a bride’s makeup artist is such a personal experience that really, I draw my inspiration from her.  Each face is unique, as is each bride’s personal style, so creativity in this sense is a team effort.  I want my brides to feel completely at ease and at their most beautiful, but also that they have a hand in the process…with me then enhancing her features and boosting her radiance, especially as it will be the day that she’ll be photographed more than ever!  Whether it be the theme of the wedding, dress details, flowers and even shoes, I like to ensure everything ties together perfectly with the make-up look that we, collaboratively create.

 What makes your brand unique and stand out compared to others in the wedding industry?

I started Beautisserie on my own and still run it all myself, which guarantees a personal touch.  As I’m not assigned to any brands, this allows me the freedom to tailor each make-up look to the requirements of my client.  What seems to be a re-occurring issue with brides I meet is that they’ve had make-up trials elsewhere and not been happy.  Mainly due to being applied too much make-up.  I don’t believe in make-up that creates a mask.  You need to look like you, feel the best you’ve ever felt and this comes from confidence.  Looking after your skin is essential too, if you look after it correctly, which I advise on, it means you have less of a need for certain elements of make-up, like coverage levels.  I asses bone structure, enhance features, conceal imperfections and even out imbalances which in the end, will create a ‘perfected’ version of yourself, without feeling like you’re wearing anything at all.

What trends do you predict for 2015? 

Bridal beauty is one that although is a classic look, it needs to evolve.  This comes from using new techniques and utilising the products that evolve in the market too.  So many hybrid formulations are continually being released and as a beauty writer, I’m lucky enough to see and try these before they’re released.  It’s what you do with them that counts though.  It’s not a ‘one for all’ philosophy.  It depends on your skin type, colourings, face shape and indeed, personal taste.  It’s my job to fit the make-up to my client, not the other way around.

If you could give your bride any piece of advice what would it be?

Although weddings can be stressful, political and time consuming, remember, it’s your day.  Do what makes you happy, what you want to create.  You have to be comfortable with every element of your wedding as (hopefully!) this will be your only chance.  Don’t be tempted to fit a mould or be persuaded by others, go with your instincts, they’re more powerful that you realise.

 Why do you think the Quintessentially Weddings Atelier is so special?

I’ve worked with Quintessentially for a few years now and what strikes me is the team as a whole.  Professional down to the last details but also important, is their personal touches.  The relationships with their clients and suppliers are key.  Such a great bunch of people who know how to handle every situation with kindness and ease, they are unrivalled experts in their field.

 What can the bride and grooms attending the Atelier expect from you this year?

Well this is my first year showcasing at the Atelier.  I’ve attended a few times so I know what to expect, and deliver!  I’m really excited to make the most of my space, creating a relaxed yet professional atmosphere to make my clients feel like smiling.  I’ll be on hand to showcase examples of my work, give personal consultations and even apply make-up to those who have time for a quick ten minute touch-up.  I’m really looking forward to making this the best experience I can for each and every person.

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