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We have seen all our Atelier friends taking part in a Q&A session where we find out where this selection of creative minds find their inspiration and what fabulous things we can expect from them at the Atelier which is taking place this week at Two Temple Place over three days. 

What better way to end our Atelier Brand of the Day special than with the fabulous Vivienne Westwood.

We are so proud to have the Vivienne Westwood team take part in our Brand of the Day feature and so very excited to have them join us for the Atelier, where the lucky brides will be in the same room as one of the worlds most influential fashion and bridal designer brands. Find out where Vivienne finds her inspiration right here on ‘The Weddings Edit.

Where do you find your creative inspiration?

‘I am very inspired by the 17th and 18th centuries era. My favourite painters are Titian, Velasquez and also Vermeer. I particularly love 17th century Dutch painting. I visit the Wallace collection in London  in particular for the 17th century, but then you have the three 18th century geniuses: Boucher, Watteau, and Fragonard. To look at the painting is to enter a world. The only place to find ideas is by looking at what people did in the past. It’s the way you can be original. You can’t be original by just wanting to do something. Nothing comes from a vacuum. It is impossible to be creative unless you have a link with the past and tradition.’

 -Vivienne Westwood

What makes your brand unique and stand out compared to others?

‘My clothes allow you to project your personality, and are quite theatrical in the sense that they are real clothes, they give you a chance to express yourself.’

-Vivienne Westwood

What can the lovely bride and grooms attending the Atelier expect from you this year?

‘For the Quintessentially Atelier event this season we will present the key SS15 bridal and couture looks from our Davies St boutique. Statement pieces include our new Sueno dress in a sumptuous ivory moiré taffeta, presented alongside a classic ready to wear delicate drape gown, in a white subtle sequin finish designed with inbuilt corset and column skirt which drapes across the hips and drops to the floor to flatter the female form.

The classic couture Princess Gown with a delicate scoop neckline, concealed corset and a multi-layer tiered skirt in a white rose print ivory silk organza will also be presented. The toile of the Princess dress will also be showcased alongside the couture piece, to demonstrate the intricate details that go into creating such a handcrafted gown such as the Princess.’

-Brigitte Stepputtis Head of Couture at Vivienne Westood

View the Vivienne Westwood bridal collections here

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