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Where do you find your creative inspiration?

Creative inspiration generally comes from the subject of the brief, often we are inspired by peoples life story/interests for example and that then informs designs. Generally speaking inspiration comes from all around, from travel to interesting signage, our eyes are always open!

What makes your brand unique and stand out compared to others in the wedding industry?

Cutture is unique for many reasons but predominantly its about the personal nature of the design and the quality craftsmanship in the product. It is quite rare to find a design studio with manufacturing in one place therefore what we can offer is something very possible and the boundaries can always be pushed.

 What trends do you predict for 2015?

2015 will see more of a play on print, mixing print techniques and graphic styles is already very popular and teaming with bold, rich colours/patterns seems to be pulling away from the clean white/greys that have been dominating in print.

 If you could give your bride & groom any piece of advice what would it be?

Never lose sight of who and what the wedding is about, concentrate on what is important to you as a couple, not what a trend tells you to do.

Why do you think the Quintessentially Weddings Atelier is so special?

Atelier is so special because it brings together a fantastic selection of quality craftsman, florists, caterers and designers who we are so lucky to have available to us in the British wedding industry. The wedding industry is no longer about mark-ups for weddings or creating work that is substandard, cliche, wedding themed,  here in the UK now there is a plethora of genuine, experienced designers and makers who create with such care and devotion for each wedding, it is important that we have an opportunity to exhibit this in a show like the Atelier.

What can the lovely bride and grooms attending the Atelier expect from you this year?

Cutture will be showcasing how you can incorporate scent within your stationery as well as our signature storyboard designs with an added opportunity for you to make your own piece of Cutture as we will have paper templates and ribbon a plenty to create your own paper flower corsage.

To view the Cutture Collection visit their website

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